Educational Farm

Educational Farm

Fresh air is good for everyone and for good physical and mental development, our children should leave the house every day. No matter what they do when they're outdoors, a simple walk in the woods can turn into an unforgettable adventure.

The children's farm was born from our family's love for nature and animals. We strongly believe in this project, we believe in direct contact with nature and animals, because the love that they can convey to people is immense, and children learn more than you can imagine.

Our intention is to involve all the guests who want to, young and old, in the normal daily activities of the farm, feeding and drinking the piglets, ducks and more, arranging the hay for the donkey Pinocchio and for the goats, up to the possibility of grooming the beautiful Francesca, a very affectionate bay horse that will be ridden by the youngest to the grown-ups. All this to re-establish, even if only for a few days, a beautiful and natural contact with our tender friends.

But the educational farm is not only synonymous with animals, it is the ideal environment to allow the child to establish "true" contact with nature and the agricultural world. Spending a day in the countryside, walking among vineyards and olive groves, in the woods, visiting a stable, petting a goat, picking grapes, smelling the must... are experiences unknown to most young people today, capable of arousing strong emotions and , at the same time, to develop the ecological knowledge necessary for greater respect for the environment and for local resources.

It is precisely the farmer, who lives the peasant reality on a daily basis, the most suitable figure to convey the love for the land, for the animals and at the same time stimulate the curiosity of children. Furthermore, considering that school together with the family represents the heart of the great "machine" of life, this initiative is also an opportunity to establish a union between the agricultural and school sector and the families of young children.

In fact, it is necessary for teachers and qualified personnel to support the child in his discoveries also with the help of the teachers in the classroom and the commitment of the farm managers to guarantee the greatest welcome to school groups.

By exploring, observing and rediscovering everyday life, the child becomes an active protagonist in this experience, capable of expressing his own perceptions and emotions.

We also have the opportunity to do real educational workshops:





Small farm museum

In Scannano, for the little ones but also for the older ones, there is a small collection of old farmer's work tools or in any case from the rural reality. Upon your arrival you will find in your room an illustrated booklet with photos and the origins of each single tool present inside and outside the walls of Scannano. In the gardens around the structure, you will find the vault of ears, the old barrels used for wine, the old and awkward demijohns or the old mangers carved out of the pietra serena and... when you enter the old walls of the restaurant, you will find the old arches where the corners were softened by the rubbing of the cows, you will find the old hoes, the sickle or the sickle, the cask, the brazier or the steelyard and many many other things ... all with the signs of the past. 

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